Top Row (Left to Right):

Ask-Discorded-Silver-Flash (NSFW)

The-Mostly-Good-Changeling-Queen (NSFW)



Ask-TheImmortal-Cross (Slight NSFW)

Second Row:

Candy-Cream1 (Slight NSFW)






Bottom Row (They’re bigger because they’re closer to the screen):

Ask-Sonatadusk (First Professional Art Ask Blog to follow me.) (By Professional I mean they don’t reblog unnecessary things)



Ask-TheAdventurePonies (First person to Roleplay and Follow me.)

Second Panel:

Lucky number 15, Shining Amor RPS. ((You get the entire panel to yourself, grats. Feel free to take the picture, even though it’s kind of bad.)) ((Here’s the version without any snow making it all blurry.))


((Two days since I opened this blog, huh. Thank you, all of my followers. If I couldn’t include you, it’s because you either: Don’t have a pony OC REF linked in your blog, Don’t have a flat colored picture of your OC, Don’t have an acessable Ref at all or you don’t have a tagged ref.))

((Thanks for the 15 followers, though. Me art is crap, but meh. Hope ya enjoy.))

((I’m actually at 18 followers right now whoops this is late because I can’t draw very fast))

Thank you and congrats! :)